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Agriturismo Cirra

The Educational Farm

The educational farm is articulated into two parts: the track of milk and the track of bread.

The former allows children to assist to the milking of sheep in the stable, rigorously carried out manually, and to the following transformation of milk into cheese and ricotta, in an equipped room inside the main building of the Agriturismo.

The latter, the track of “pani pintau”(= decorated bread), begins with the mixing of flour and semolina with water up to the appropriate degree of processing and shaping of breads, which are then cooked in a firewood oven.

Following both tracks requires almost a whole day, so most times we start early in the morning. Usually, to experience them both, the rate per child is € 20 (lunch included).

Lunch includes 2 first courses (usually malloreddus and culurgionis), plus one meat-based second course (commonly lamb, or white meats such as chicken), with a side dish, fruits, water and so on.